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I have a number of domains hosted by a large hosting company in the USA. One domain in particular containing a forum and website was and is particularly popular but I was dismayed at the CPU throttling and regular server outage which occurred because of the way the company cram as many accounts as possible onto shared servers.

I decided to move this domain to a UK-based host and after looking around for a while chose Squirrel on the basis of their apparent straightforward, no nonsense approach to hosting. The messages on their website hit home with me and what I was looking for.

My first challenge was to transfer the forum to Squirrel. I researched what needed to be done and almost got it right but the forum wouldn't quite load here. I raised a ticket with Squirrel support - and I have to say the response was quick, efficient and effective. They "got me over the line".

I'm very impressed so far. I now have 3 domains up and running here - and more will follow!

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Search engine optimisation / online marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. One factor that has always helped Squirrel Hosting stay 1 step ahead of its competitiors is offers a suite of tools that allow you to delve deeper into your website's optimisation, social influence, inbound marketing and branding. Moz also helps you stay ahead of your competition through their analytics software.

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  1. Visit to see what Moz is all about in more detail and to join.
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  5. Make note of the discount code and use it during the checkout. You can also use the same code during renewal next year as long as you're a moz member.
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